Things that make us go, WTF.

This is mildly entertaining for me.

The guys over at were doing a podcast and the subject of NTP servers came up. At the end of the podcast, Joel and Jeff discuss various methods of eliminating error messages related to the Windows time service. The conversation soon moved to the idea of using the pool of time servers. By default, Windows sends NTP traffic to, or somesuch. The pool consists of time servers, run by volunteer system administrators, scattered across the globe. If you don’t know about, I suggest you start here.

During the discussion, Jeff typed into his browser and was redirected to Gordo, you see, is a NTP (time) server participating in the server pool.

This all happened at the end of Episode 52 of the awesome Stack Overflow podcast:
[ Stack Overflow ep.52 – Gordo strikes @ 1:02:00 (mp3) ]

Of course, Gordo must respond to this:
[ Gordo’s Official Response ]

Stack Overflow knows how to closeout a show:
[ Stack Overflow ep.58 – starts around 1:00:00 (mp3) ]